Princess Belle, Edibly Sweet!

When I was little I was always a fan of Barbie and girly dolls  but I missed out on Princess Belle ! Last April I decided to craft the Belle of my dreams and make her edibly sweet. While shopping in the city, I purchased a Princess Belle doll which I disassembled save the top torso. For this cake I decided on a yellow cake with chocolate pudding. The cake was baked in an ordinary glass bowl that had a dome like shape to it. Once the cake was baked I cooled it off to make it easier to carve. Once cooled I shaved off the sides a bit to create a cinderella type bottom to her dress. Her bodice is made out of fondant and lightly decorated with a simple flower. Her dress too is made out of delicious buttercream fondant in purple. The front of the dress was crafted out of white vanilla fondant and imprinted to create a light impression of texture.  Once completed I saved the original packaging to create a backdrop against my edible Belle!  With this cake sugar, water , flour and a little magic proved this cake to be no Beast for my Princess Belle!!!!!

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